Ramp NW Flyover

As part of the overall Circle Interchange project, work will begin in October, to construct a new Ramp NW Flyover connecting the northbound Dan Ryan (I-90/94) to westbound Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) movement. Construction of the flyover is expected to be completed in the Fall, 2016.

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The construction contract was awarded to James McHugh Construction Company on August 12, 2014, and the scope of the work involves the construction of a new two-lane ramp and bridge that begins just south of Roosevelt Road on northbound I-90/94. The bridge will go over Harrison Street, I-90/94, I-290, and Halsted Street. The flyover ramp ends near Morgan Street on westbound I-290. The length of the improvement is approximately one mile, of which the flyover bridge is approximately 2,000 feet long. The new bridge will provide much needed capacity for this critical ramp movement.

The existing ramp for this movement will remain open during construction of the flyover bridge. However, the work will require the temporary closure of Ramp NE (northbound to eastbound). A detour will be implemented for the closed Ramp NE. The detour route will have traffic exit at Roosevelt Road and utilize Jefferson Street, Harrison Street, and Wells Street to connect to eastbound Congress Parkway. Ramp NE will remain closed until it is reconstructed during a later phase under a separate contract.

The project also includes removal and replacement of some existing retaining walls, construction of new retaining walls, and construction of Noise Abatement Walls on the north side of Ramp NW between Halsted Street and Peoria Street and between Peoria Street and Morgan Street.

Other project work elements include drainage, interstate lighting including underpass lighting and high mast interchange lighting, signing, traffic control and protection, landscaping, urban enhancements and pavement markings.

Ramp NW Flyover Features Include:

  • Construction of Ramp NW Flyover generally consisting of two, 12-foot wide lanes with 10-foot inside and outside shoulders
  • Partial construction of the Roosevelt Road entrance ramp to northbound I-90/94, Ramp NE, and westbound exit ramp to Morgan Street
  • Vibration monitoring for the existing buildings along I-90/94 between Taylor Street and Harrison Street, and along I-290 between Green Street and Morgan Street
  • Landscaping and development of green space for areas adjacent to the project
  • Improved interstate lighting including underpass lighting and high mast interchange lighting
  • New interstate signing

Construction of Ramp NW Flyover will serve as a critical step in improving the Circle Interchange’s overall safety, capacity, and geometric deficiencies.

The Department appreciates your patience and understanding as we work to improve the multi-modal connections in your community.

If you have questions or comments regarding the construction activities, please submit via the Contact Us.