Where Are We Now?

Step 1 of the study process is now complete.  This step involved analyzing and understanding existing and future travel conditions, and defining the Purpose and Need for the improvements.  The Purpose and Need is available in the Document Library under the Information Center on this website.

Step 2 of the study process has been completed as well.  This included developing and evaluating over 20 alternatives that through coordination with public agencies, stakeholders and the public, has led IDOT to a Recommended Alternative.  The Recommended Alternative is the alternative determined to best address the Project’s Purpose & Need: improve safety, mobility, and facility condition.  The Recommended Alternative has been derived from stakeholder input, existing and future travel conditions, future population and employment growth in the area, and estimated future travel demand.  The Study Team will continue to refine this alternative based on additional stakeholder input, local street modifications, cost, and constructability.

Project Timeline